Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 3

This is Swiss Round 3 and we have with us 2 players who have won their first 2 matches.

On the left we have Teoh Zhen Pei from Malaysia who is running True King Yang Zing Dinosaur. While on the right we have Zu Chiumao from Taiwan playing Zoodiac.


Duel 1

Zhen Pei opened with Souleating Oviraptor, and added Miscellaneousaurus to hand. Miscellaneousaurus was then activated from hand, and then banished from graveyard, but its graveyard effect was negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Chiumao played Zoodiac Ramram and went off with his Zoodiac combo. He traded with Oviraptor by attaching Zoodiac Whiptail to Zoodiac Tigermortar.

Zhen Pei special summoned True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher destroying Ash Blossom and Babycerasaurus from hand. Babycerasaurus special summoned Oviraptor getting him another Babycerasaurus, which was then Normal Summoned.

Oviraptor popped Babycerasaurus, reviving Babycerasaurus, while Jurrac Aeolo was Special Summoned from deck. Oviraptor and Aeolo were then used to Synchro Summon Denglong, First of the Yang Zing. Denglong added Nine Pillars of Yang Zing to hand, and then sent Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing from the deck to the graveyard.

Denglong and Agnimazud were then used to Synchro Summon Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree. Suanni, Fire of the Yang Zing was special summoned by the Trigger Effect of Denglong.

Zhen Pei attacked in with everything, set a card to his backrow, and that was the turn.

Chiumao had Harpie’s Feather Duster and Dark Hole to clear Zhen Pei’s board.

The Yang Zing monster and Babycerasaurus brought out another Yang Zing monster and Oviraptor, but they were cleared out by Chiumao’s Zoodiac monsters.

Zoodiac Broadbull attempted to add a Zoodiac monster to hand, but was met with an Ash Blossom. Chiumao set a card and ended his turn.

Zhen Pei Special Summoned Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. Tyranno destroyed Petiteranodon to set Chiumao’s Zoodiac monsters. Petiteranodon then Special Summoned Miscellaneousaurus from the deck.

Tyranno attacked but was bounced back to hand by Storming Mirror Force.

In Main Phase 2, Tyranno was Special Summoned again before passing the turn.

For the next few turns, Chiumao was locked out as whenever he Xyz Summon a Zoodiac monster, it would be flipped face-down by Tyranno, blocking out the Extra Monster Zone.

Zhen Pei had True King Lithosagym, the Disaster, and when it was destroyed by Tyranno, its Trigger Effect revived Denglong. Denglong in turn fetched Yang Zing Path.

Chiumao then set 3 cards and ended this turn.

Zhen Pei played Yang Zing Path to shuffle back his Yang Zing monsters, and pulling ahead in terms of card advantage.

This was the game deciding point when Zhen Pei was able to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight which was able to successfully trigger its effect, wiping out Chiumao’s board.

Zhen Pei had a Return to the Frontlines to revive Tyranno.

Chiumao conceded the game when he realised that his Zoodiac Xyz monster will be continuously turned face-down by Tyranno every turn, while Zhen Pei’s board continues to grow with True King.

Teoh Zhen Pei (MY) 1 – 0 Zu Chiumao (TW)


Duel 2

Chiumao went first and his Zoodiac combo went uninterrupted. He finished by setting 2 more cards to his backrow before passing over to Zhen Pei.

Zhen Pei turn was not as smooth. His Babycerasaurus was negated by Skull Meister, leaving him with a hand filled with too many True King, but dry on Dinosaur.

He managed to muster an Oviraptor and Lithosagym, but when they attacked, they were destroyed by Mirror Force. Agnimazud was revived, but was later banished when it attacked into a Zoodiac Xyz Monster and Zoodiac Whiptail was attached to it from hand.

Chiumao went for another round of the Zoodiac combo and managed to push his lead further.

Zhen Pei delayed for another turn with Quaking Mirror Force, and that was sufficient to let him draw into Tyranno on the next turn.

Tyranno came down but was met with a Solemn Strike.

Chiumao was able to push for enough damage on the next turn to win the game.

Teoh Zhen Pei (MY) 1 – 1 Zu Chiumao (TW)


Duel 3

Time was called earlier on and the game begun in Extra Duel.

Zhen Pei went first and opened with Oviraptor for another Oviraptor and that was his turn.

Chiumao Normal Summoned Zoodiac Bunnyblast and Xyz Summoned Zoodiac Boarbow to go for a safe 800 damage direct attack.

He then followed with the usual Zoodiac combo. After Zoodiac Broadbull added Zoodiac Whiptail to hand, Zhen Pei realised he had a Ash Blossom in hand, but it was too late to negate Broadbull.

Chiumao set 4 cards to the backrow and ended the turn.

Zhen Pei played Harpie’s Feather Duster but it was negated by Imperial Order. He followed with an Oviraptor but it was negated by Solemn Warning as well.

He set 2 cards to the backrow, but they were destroyed by Heavy Dust Storm during the End Phase. It was a Dark Hole and a Mind Control, both extremely powerful cards, but were dead under Imperial Order.

Zhen Pei conceded the game and offered a handshake.

Teoh Zhen Pei (MY) 1 – 2 Zu Chiumao (TW)

Zu Chiumao was the only mono Zoodiac in the tournament, but with a 3-0 record after the 3rd round of swiss, he has a very good chance of making the Top 8.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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