Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 5

This is the final round of Swiss and we have two players sitting with a record of 3-1. Winning this round would secure their position in the Top 8, while the other player would have to rely on a strong tiebreaker for a chance into the Top 8.

On the left we have Yeo Gou Jie from Malaysia playing True Draco Zoodiac, and on the right we have Phuttichai Khajonkeittikoon from Thailand playing Demise True Draco.


Duel 1

Phuttichai went first and opened with setting a Spell/Trap Card, followed by playing and then activating Disciples of the True Dracophoenix for performing an additional Tribute Summon. But it was met with a Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

He set another Spell/Trap Card and ended his turn.

Gou Jie set a Spell/Trap card and it was immediately banished by Cosmic Cyclone.

He followed by setting True King’s Return and then Tribute it to Summon Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter. Dinomight went in for a direct attack and that was the turn.

Phuttichai played Pot of Desires, but it was negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He followed with Cards of Demise, and Gou Jie chained with the effect of Dinomight, but Phuttichai flipped over his set card which was a Skill Drain.

The 3 cards gave Phuttichai exactly 1 Continuous Spell Card and 1 Continuous Trap Card and a Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King, which he promptly Tribute Summoned by tributing the former 2 Continuous Spell/Trap Cards.

Master Peace attacked into Dinomight and that was the turn.

Gou Jie set a Spell/Trap Card on his turn and Phuttichai activated Master Peace’s effect to destroy it on the End Phase. However, as Master Peace was Tribute Summoned after Skill Drain is already active, Master Peace remained negated.

Phuttichai direct attacked with Master Peace, then set a Spell/Trap card and ended his turn.

Gou Jie played a Zoodiac Thoroughblade, and followed with a Forbidden Chalice on Master Peace, before banishing Skill Drain with Cosmic Cyclone.

That kept Master Peace negated, but allowed his Zoodiac to go off. He traded with Master Peace by attacking into Master Peace with a Zoodiac Xyz Monster, and then attach Zoodiac Whiptail to it.

Phuttichai drew into another Spell/Trap card and set it before ending his turn.

It was then banished by Cosmic Cyclone on Gou Jie’s turn and when Gou Jie went off on another round of the Zoodiac combo, Phuttichai conceded the game.

Yeo Gou Jie (MY) 1 – 0 Phuttichai Khajonkeittikoon (TH)


Duel 2

Phuttichai chose to let Gou Jie go first, and Gou Jie opened with the Zoodiac combo, combined with Dragonic Diagram. He set 2 Spell/Trap Cards before ending the turn.

Phuttichai played Harpie’s Feather Duster, and Gou Jie chained with True King’s Revival but it was met with a Mystical Space Typhoon.

Phuttichai played True Draco Heritage face-up, set 2 Spell/Trap Cards before ending his turn.

Gou Jie played Fire Formation – Tenki but it was banished by Cosmic Cyclone. He followed by Tribute Summoning Dinomight and then go off with the Zoodiac combo.

He attacked with everything before ending the turn.

Phuttichai drew and conceded the game. He revealed his cards were a bunch of Spell cards. He needed simply a True Draco Monster but he had been drawing dead for the past few turns.

Yeo Gou Jie (MY) 2 – 0 Phuttichai Khajonkeittikoon (TH)

This was a quick match and Yeo Gou Jie has secured his spot in the Top 8 with his 4-1 record.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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