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[SD32] Cosmic Cyclone Reprint

This structure deck is seriously getting more and more awesome. The poster for the Structure Deck: Cyberse Link has just been unveiled, and it confirms the reprint for Cosmic Cyclone!!

[CIBR] Gouki Headbat

Right after the episode where Gouki gets his first duel, a new Gouki card has been revealed for Circuit Break, and it looks like it continues the trend of continuous searching for Gouki cards!

[SD32] Recoded Alive

A nice new trap card supporting Decode and Encode Talker has just been released in the upcoming Structure Deck: Cyberse Link! Looks like there will be more “Code Talker” monsters to come!

[DP18] Armoroid Reprint

What was previously only available as a VJump subscription promo card has been confirmed for reprint in the Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist! Armoroid anyone?