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Struggling Battle

Now would you consider calling traps on Turn 1 using Number 16: Shock Master? (Assuming we can still get to play it in the future.) Introducing the quite literal new Hand Trap – Struggling Battle.


While Worm Bait might be getting the hype recently, I think that another token spawning card is equally deserving of attention. A monster that you might not even know about may be the next big thing for WATER Attribute decks. Introducing a card that you probably

Deck Profile: Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna

In a metagame populated with True Draco and True King Dino, an outlier Anti-Meta containing neither archetypes might just have what it takes to combat the metagame. Introducing a deck filled with three engines mashed together – Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna.

Character Spotlight: Bastion Misawa

Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist will be released this upcoming weekend on 3rd June 2017. In it contains, among many others, cards used by Bastion Misawa (三沢大地) from the Yu-Gi-Oh Gx anime. It would also mark the first support released to the “Bonding” archetype. Today, I

Bag of Trick(stars)

Want to find out what bag of tricks does the Trickstars have? Hi everyone, we are back here this week with a new article. This time, we will continue from previously and explore cards that Trickstars can ally themselves with.

Windwitch Trickstars

The Asian Championship Qualifiers Singapore 2017 was held over the last weekend, on  14th May 2017. Participating with my Windwitch Trickstars, I performed less than ideal for the event. However, I hope that by sharing my deck, other players can learn from my mistakes and

Chain Summoning in Trickstars

Previously, I neglected to elaborate on Chain Summoning. This quick-play spell card actually has more potential and utility in Trickstars. It deserves more credit than most players give it.

OCG 2017.04 with Trickstar

Players are becoming more creative with the Trickstar archetype. Today, we review and introduce some of the popular cards that players choose to pilot in a Trickstar deck.

Magic Deflector

Magic Deflector debuted as a common in the OCG’s Booster Pack Abyss Rising. Today, half a decade later, Magic Deflector might just prove to a staple for the format.

Fiend Comedian

60-card decks are getting popular since the release of That Grass Looks Greener, the decks’ signature advantage-generating card. Today we analyse the problems of a 60-card deck Mirror Match while introducing a card that might prove to be useful – Fiend Comedian.