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Struggling Battle

Now would you consider calling traps on Turn 1 using Number 16: Shock Master? (Assuming we can still get to play it in the future.) Introducing the quite literal new Hand Trap – Struggling Battle.


While Worm Bait might be getting the hype recently, I think that another token spawning card is equally deserving of attention. A monster that you might not even know about may be the next big thing for WATER Attribute decks. Introducing a card that you probably

Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Final

In the Final Match of the Asia Championship 2017, we have Ho Yun Kang from Malaysia on the left, and Milton Chua from Singapore on the right. Although they have already earned their invitations to the World Championship 2017, the title of the Asia Champion

Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Semi-Final

In our Semi-Final Match, we have Hsu Li-Te from Taiwan playing against Milton Chua from Singapore. This is arguably the most crucial match of the tournament – the winner will be awarded an invitation to the World Championship 2017. On the left is Hsu Li-Te,

Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 5

This is the final round of Swiss and we have two players sitting with a record of 3-1. Winning this round would secure their position in the Top 8, while the other player would have to rely on a strong tiebreaker for a chance into

Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 3

This is Swiss Round 3 and we have with us 2 players who have won their first 2 matches. On the left we have Teoh Zhen Pei from Malaysia who is running True King Yang Zing Dinosaur. While on the right we have Zu Chiumao