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YOT Singapore 2017: Deck Profile [Shiranui Zombies]

For the Main Event YOT Singapore 2017, among all 208 participants, we have Dimas Adiputra with a Zombie Shiranui deck who finished in the Top 4. In a metagame filled with True Dracos and Dinosaur variants, Dimas Adiputra travelled to Singapore with his trusty Zombie



[CIBR-TCG] Hallohallo

The first TCG World Premier for Circuit Break has been announced and it kinda feels like we are back in ARC-V. Are you ready for another generic normal pendulum monster?

YOT Singapore 2017 Asia Premier: Feature Match Final

For the final event of our Singapore YOT 2017 Asia Premier, we have local player Jeff Soh vs Suebyoubol, Weerapun from Thailand. It is a Mirror Match with both players piloting the popular Invoked Spellbook True Draco deck.

YOT Singapore 2017: Open Duels

In the later half of the day, we had on-demand Open Duels happening. Open Duels are mini-tournaments where each pod will begin immediately when 16 players are enrolled.

YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Final

We are finally here at the finals of YOT Singapore 2017. It has been a long two days and with us today are Hou Chong and Lai Cheuk Shing. Hou Chong is no stranger to the local community. In YOT Singapore 2015, Hou Chong emerged