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YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Quarter-Final

We are now down to our final 8. Hou Chong from China is sitting on the left with his Invoked Spellbook True Draco deck. He was the YOT Champion in the YOT Singapore 2015 held 2 years ago. Sitting opposite his is Wu Kalun from

YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Ro32

We are here at Day 2 amd it is currently the Top32 Playoffs for YOT Singapore. We have with us two players who travelled to Singapore for the event. It is Dimas Adiputra vs Thai Kok Jing from Malaysia. Dimas Adiputra is piloting a Shiranui

YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Ro64

In the Round of 64, we have Leung Siu Pan (on the left) from Hong Kong playing Magical Musketeer. He went 8-0 yesterday and finished 1st on the Day 1 Standing. Tsang Chi Kit (on the right) is also from Hong Kong and he is

YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 7

We are nearing the end of the day as we welcome Swiss Round 7. Both players are from Thailand and with an impressive score of 5-1. Now in the 7th Round, they will be battling for the 6th victory of the day which would translate

YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 5

We are in Round 5 of Swiss and we have two overseas players who traveled down to Singapore to play in YOT Singapore 2017. On the left we have Thitipong Potsatiean from Thailand and he is running Magician, while on the right we have Chin