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Asia Championship 2017: Feature Match Swiss Round 1

For our very first feature match of the Asia Championship 2017, we have John Kevin Alcantara from Philippines going up against the 2013 World Champion, Huang Shin-En, from Taiwan. John is playing True King Yang Zing Dinosaur, while Shin-En is running True Draco Zoodiac.

[CIBR] Poster Reveal

No new cards shown in the poster, but here’s the poster for Circuit Break in all it’s glory! So what new cards are you hoping to get from this set?

Deck Profile: Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna

In a metagame populated with True Draco and True King Dino, an outlier Anti-Meta containing neither archetypes might just have what it takes to combat the metagame. Introducing a deck filled with three engines mashed together – Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna.

Character Spotlight: Bastion Misawa

Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist will be released this upcoming weekend on 3rd June 2017. In it contains, among many others, cards used by Bastion Misawa (三沢大地) from the Yu-Gi-Oh Gx anime. It would also mark the first support released to the “Bonding” archetype. Today, I