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Sasuga Cup Season 1 (29/3)

Date: 29 March 2018 Limit Regulation List: April 2018 OCG Venue: Singapore Number of Participants: 22 1st Place: Tengu Sentouki 2nd Place: Lair Infernoid Sentouki 3rd/4th Place: Gouki 3rd/4th Place: Flower Cardian

AFASG 2017 3v3 Team-Battle Day 1 Pod 1 (25/11)

Date: 25 November 2017 Limit Regulation List: October 2017 OCG (Inclusive of 2 Special Forbidden cards: SPYRAL Double Helix and Grinder Golem) Venue: Singapore Number of Participants: 12 Teams (36  Players, Each team consisting of 3 Members) 1st:  A: Pendulum Magicians, B: Pendulum Magicians, C:

White Aura Biphamet Deck Recipe

Here’s a different idea to use your fairy cards from the latest Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Light, with a synchro focused deck for summoning White Aura Biphamet!

Gagaga Deck Recipe

Thinking of a good deck to use Downbeat from Extreme Force? Here’s an idea to try out with a Gagaga deck recipe from Konami!

Security Dragon Deck Recipe

So this official deck recipe is basically saying “Yup, we know you guys will be using this with Grinder Golem”. Time to see what the official dudes came up with for Security Dragon & token abuse!

Altergeist Deck Recipe

With more Altergeist cards released from Extreme Force, Konami decided it’s time to revisit the deck and this time they are enlisting the help of… Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician?? This is one concept to look at if you are considering the Altergeist deck!

EBE & Winged Kuriboh Deck Recipe

Got the new Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Light and not sure what to do with EBE? Here’s a deck recipe that you might want to consider!