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YOT Singapore 2017: Deck Profile [Shiranui Zombies]

For the Main Event YOT Singapore 2017, among all 208 participants, we have Dimas Adiputra with a Zombie Shiranui deck who finished in the Top 4. In a metagame filled with True Dracos and Dinosaur variants, Dimas Adiputra travelled to Singapore with his trusty Zombie

Asia Championships 2017 – Taiwan Summer Qualifiers (27/5)

Date: 27 May 2017 Limit Regulation List: April 2017 OCG Venue: Taichung, Taiwan Number of Participants: 100 Source: 遊戲王官方社團, Road of the King 1st Place: True Draco Zoodiac 2nd Place: True Draco Zoodiac 3rd Place: True Draco Zoodiac The Top 3 players of this tournament will be

Asia Championships 2017 – Hong Kong Summer Qualifiers (14/5)

Date: 14 May 2017 Limit Regulation List: April 2017 OCG Venue: Hong Kong Number of Participants: 150 Source: Road of the King , Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition Hong Kong 1st Place: Zoodiac 2nd Place: True King Dinosaur Yang Zing 3rd Place: Windwitch Spellbook True Draco 4th Place: Demise True Draco

Asia Championships 2017 – Thailand Summer Qualifiers (7/5)

Date: 4 to 7 May 2017 Limit Regulation List: April 2017 OCG Venue: Thailand Number of Participants: To be updated again Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Thailand 1st Place: Zoodiac 2nd Place: Windwitch Spellbook True Draco 3rd Place: Windwitch Spellbook True Draco 4th Place: True King Dinosaurs