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Weather Painter Deck Recipe

With Rainbow Weather Painter Ariel getting a top spot in the Card Illustration Voting Contest, Konami has prepared a deck recipe for all of her fans to play with!

Mythical Beast Deck Recipe

With the remainder Mythical Beasts all revealed, it’s time to finally see what a deck recipe for it looks like!

Tindangle Deck Recipe

Interested to try out Akira Zaizen’s Tindangle deck for yourself? Here’s a deck recipe to try out!

Jack Knight Deck Recipe

Enjoying all the news from the Extreme Force booster pack? Konami has provided some deck lists using the new cards for you to check out, starting with the Jack Knights!

Traptrix & Ninja Deck Recipe

Time for the deck recipe of the other winning artwork, it’s the Traptrix deck recipe which comes with a touch of Ninjas!

Silent Magician & Exodia Deck Recipe

Carrying on with the official deck recipe from the Card Illustration Voting Contest, it’s time for the Silent Magician deck recipe with a touch of Exodia included!

Red-Eyes & HERO Deck Recipe

Next up on deck recipes for the top contenders for the Card Illustration Voting Contest is a Red-Eyes & HERO deck recipe!

Cyber End Dragon Deck Recipe

After the recent Card Illustration Voting Contest,  Konami has decided to release deck recipes for the cards which placed on top for the contest, starting off with a deck recipe  for an “updated” Cyber End Dragon deck!