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[SD33] Powercode Link Reprints

Looks like today’s news is full of reprints. The list of reprints for the upcoming Powercode Link SD is out and its filled with lots of stuff to summon tokens with!

[LVP1] Prophecy Reprints

Another theme gets it’s reprints confirmed for the LINK VRAINS Pack! Time to get those Prophecy cards!

[LVP1] More Shaddoll Reprints

Looks like the VJump just got released, revealing bit more info for the Shaddoll reprints! Hint: The whole family of fusions are here!

[LVB1] LINK VRAINS Box Sleeves and Deck Box Revealed

We got a small peek at the LINK VRAINS Box’s sleeves and storage case from the packaging previously, but now the sleeves and storage case have been revealed!! Also a look at the 4 sleeve designs where 1 of them comes from the box!

[SD33] Sea Archiver

Another anime episode past, means another card revealed! A new Cyberse is here for the Powercode Link SD!!