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Soul Fusion Booster Pack

The next main booster pack has been announced, and could the name be a sign of where the anime will lead to next? It’s time for Soul Fusion!!

[VJMP] Hope Magician

You’re not reading the article’s title wrong! The next VJump promo has been announced, and it’s a combination of Yuma’s and Yuya’s ace monsters with Hope Magician!!

[ST18] Linkslayer Reprint

The Cyberse version of Cyber Dragon is getting a reprint in the Starter Deck 2018 just for the newer players~

[CYHO] Mirror Force Launcher

There’s been lots of love lately for Mirror Force and here’s more with a card that specifies Mirror Force in its effect!!

[CYHO] Cyberse Magician & other Cyberse support

As the anime goes on, you know there’s gonna be new Cyberse cards every main booster but did you ever expect… A Cyberse-type Ritual Monster!?!? Introducing Cyberse Magician, due for release in Cybernetic Horizon!!