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[DBSW] Remainder cards revealed!

Its time for spoilers for the Deck Build Pack – Spirit Warriors, confirming the Magibullet counter trap, new Weathery cards and some nice reprints!

Link VRAINS Pack

We’ve had Link VRAINS Edition, Link VRAINS Box announced, so what comes next? Link VRAINS Pack of course!

[DBSW] Rivalry of Warlords Reprint

So many cards which have Samurais in their artwork released recently! Here’s a reprint for Rivalry of Warlords confirmed for the Deck Build Pack – Spirit Warriors! Fun fact: It hasn’t been reprinted in the OCG since 2004, which is 13 years ago, wow!

[EP17] SPYRAL Sleeper

More SPYRAL cards have been confirmed for the Extra Pack 2017 with the OCG version of SPYRAL Sleeper revealed!

[DBSW] New Magibullet & Weathery Cards

The commercial for Deck Build Pack – Spirit Warriors has been released, confirming more new cards for the Magibullet and Weathery themes! Also, more reprints for the Six Samurai announced!