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[FLOD] Greatfly

The wind attribute generic link monster has been confirmed for Flames of Destruction, and you probably already know what it does!

[RC02] Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon Reprint

Feel a need to upgrade your Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon but didn’t manage to get the secret rare version from the sweepstakes? Here’s a reprint with a holographic rare version in the upcoming Rarity Collection!

[FLOD] Protron

Happy New Year from Beyond the Duel! To ring in 2018, a new card has been announced for Flames of Destruction! This card is… It makes…. What is this card supposed to do again? 

[FLOD] Elementsaber Aina

Why are the ladies holding a shield in charge of reviving stuff? Here’s a new Elementsaber announced for Flames of Destruction and she can even revive the big boss Elemental Lords!