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[SD32] Full Checklist

Want to know what other goodies are in store in the Structure Deck: Cyberse Link? The full list of cards is out!

[VJMP] V-LAN Hydra effects revealed

Remember that upcoming V-Jump promo card, V-LAN Hydra? Effects for the card has finally been revealed and it looks like it helps you ‘disassemble’ your Link Monsters!

[DBSW] New Shadow Six Samurai support!

Time for an old theme that rightfully fits the name of Spirit Warriors to get support!  It’s time for the Six Samurai to get some love with the Shadow Six Samurai!!

[CIBR] Altergeist Prime Banshee

Looks like it’s time for a new theme to be released in Circuit Break! Get ready for the Altergeist with Altergeist Prime Banshee! More themes that search the deck after they go to the graveyard anyone?

[SD32] Kinka-byo Reprint

Few more days till the deck is out, and here’s info on another reprint for the Structure Deck: Cyberse Link with Kinka-byo!

Booster Pack: Extreme Force

While Circuit Break is still 1 month away, it’s time for some news on the next booster pack! Get ready for Extreme Force!