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[WJMP] Firewall Dragon Alternate Art

Well that was quick. Firewall Dragon may be getting released only this weekend in Code of the Duelist but it will be getting an alternate art version later this month!

[COTD] Topologic Bomber Dragon & Cracking Dragon

Final bit of news before the pack actually gets released this weekend… More Code of the Duelist spoilers have been revealed with the second LINK-4 monster!! Could this be the antagonist’s ace monster?

[COTD] Traptrix Ranka

Another reveal for Code of the Duelist just came in from the OCG Twitter and a lot of people are going to be happy with this one. It’s a new Traptrix with Traptrix Ranka!!

[COTD] March of Darkness

Finally a new spoiler for the Twilightsworns is out for Code of the Duelist, and it’s an alternate version of Charge of the Light Brigade with March of Darkness!


SPYRAL get a reveal for Maximum Crisis as well with SPYRAL Sleeper that could help to clear threats on the field! (Along with your own cards though…)

[TCG-MACR] Subterror Fiendess

Subterrors get a card for the theme to help it special summon from hand or the Graveyard, with Subterror Fiendess in TCG’s Maximum Crisis!

[COTD] Boogie Trap

This new spoiler looks like a support for crazy combo decks. It’s Boogie Trap in Code of the Duelist!