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[COTD] Traptrix Ranka

Another reveal for Code of the Duelist just came in from the OCG Twitter and a lot of people are going to be happy with this one. It’s a new Traptrix with Traptrix Ranka!!

[COTD] March of Darkness

Finally a new spoiler for the Twilightsworns is out for Code of the Duelist, and it’s an alternate version of Charge of the Light Brigade with March of Darkness!


SPYRAL get a reveal for Maximum Crisis as well with SPYRAL Sleeper that could help to clear threats on the field! (Along with your own cards though…)

[TCG-MACR] Subterror Fiendess

Subterrors get a card for the theme to help it special summon from hand or the Graveyard, with Subterror Fiendess in TCG’s Maximum Crisis!

[COTD] Boogie Trap

This new spoiler looks like a support for crazy combo decks. It’s Boogie Trap in Code of the Duelist!

[CP17] Lazion, the Timelord

Looks like Wednesday is the new Sunday for Twitter card news. Collector’s Pack 2017 news is in with something many people have been waiting for a long time. It’s Lazion, the Timelord!!