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[VJMP] Code of the Duelist New Cards

VJump news is officially in, starting off with new anime cards from Yusaku, Aoi and Go in Code of the Duelist! Also includes other new cards like Twilightsworns and a brand new theme Star Grail!

[COTD] Return to the Frontlines

Sometimes the simplest effects can be the best. Easy revival for any monster you want, anyone? Coming to you soon in Code of the Duelist! PS: Poor Marauding Captain…

[CIBR] Circuit Break Booster Pack

While we are still waiting for more details for the new Master Rule and Code of the Duelist contents, the 2nd VRAINS main booster has been announced! Get ready for Circuit Break!

[COTD] Urgent Emergency Assistance Rescue

This is seriously one of the cutest artwork that has ever been made. The Rescue team gets together and performs an actual Rescue with Urgent Emergency Assistance Rescue in Code of the Duelist!

[COTD] Mauled Captain

Marauding Captain has returned alive in Code of the Duelist, and he looks pretty pissed at the state of things around him! PS: So… Norden’s effect as a main deck monster this time?