[CIBR] Further card news

Here are some further information for cards announced in Circuit Break.

Looks like this card was revealed earlier, uploaded here is  an higher quality picture for [Altergeist Prime Banshee].


This shows a circular interaction between “Selkitas”, “Meluseek” and “Kunthierry”

Marionetter seems to be intended to allow you to set up important Trap Cards from your Deck.

Altergeists are explained to be Emma’s Deck as her alterego, Ghost Girl in VRAINS. The Deck is meant to allow her control the game by Special Summoning monsters offensively and defensively depending on the situation.

Excrawler Qualiark

Excrawler Synapsis

Excrawler Neurologos

Crawler Dendrite

Crawler Axon

Crawler Spine

*Clearer text confirms their non-Flip Effects require them to be face-up for their effects to trigger.

The Crawler field Spell

Puppets of the Starelics

Starelic – Starmor

Source: Maxut
Translation: The Organization

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