Deck Profile: Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna

In a metagame populated with True Draco and True King Dino, an outlier Anti-Meta containing neither archetypes might just have what it takes to combat the metagame.

Introducing a deck filled with three engines mashed together – Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna.


Fairy Tail – Luna was fan-translated as Fairy Tail – Kaguya before its release in the TCG. We previously talked about it in this article, where I suggested for it to be used in Pendulum decks.

Today, we will be bringing Fairy Tail – Luna‘s abilities to new heights.



The deck functions by using the Kaiju monsters for disruptions and get over metagame threats such as Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King. Special Summoning a Kaiju monster over to your opponent’s field is also an effective method to prevent your opponent from gaining resources off Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter.

The Windwitch engine establishes your board with Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, which can take on any Kaiju monster you Special Summon over to your opponent’s side with ease. Its negation ability also presents a problem for the opponent.

The heart of the deck is definitely Fairy Tail – Luna. It works amazingly well with Kaiju monsters, allowing you to reuse them in future turns by returning them back to the hand. Even without Kaiju monsters, Fairy Tail – Luna can be used to pick off threats before you dedicate resources into your Windwitch Synchro Summons. It is also your answer to Vanity’s Fiend and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo.

To further exploit Fairy Tail – Luna‘s effect, one might consider including less common Kaiju monsters such as Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju.


Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow and Scapegoat are there for spawning Tokens for Link Summoning. With time, the deck can achieve a second Synchro Summon, and thus Link Monsters are good to have in the deck. Firewall Dragon can act as another threat to throw your opponent off balance. When needed, Scapegoat Tokens can even be used to defend against attacks or as Synchro Material alongside the Windwitch tuners.


Plenty of the other cards in the deck are staples and should be no surprises. Since this deck revolves around building field advantage and board presence, the graveyard resources are less of a concern, leaving it capable of abusing Macro CosmoMacro Cosmo works well against True King Dino and True Draco. It also hurts the opponent more when their monsters get tributed away by a Kaiju, as it will be banished and harder to reuse/retrieve.


The Extra Deck is up to a player’s personal preference. However, Link Monsters provide plenty of disruption and support, something which should not be neglected.

With a Kaiju engine, it prevents your opponent from tributing away your Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon with their own Kaiju monster, if you already have one present on your side of the field.


This decklist was inspired by a tweet by media21tama. In his tweet, he reveals his Side Deck, which contains more stun cards such as Thunder King Rai-Oh and Skull Meister.

Grinder Golem deserves a mention and can possibly replace Windwitches as an engine in this deck.


An unconventional deck that you can unleash on unsuspecting opponents – Will you use it? Or do you have better suggestions to improve upon the deck?

One thought on “Deck Profile: Windwitch-Kaiju-Luna”

  1. Maestro says:

    Kaijus and Fairy Tail – Luna have an incredible interaction, but it’s not being used to its fullest potential here. Windwitches are good but it’s a standalone engine and Crystal Wing can easily be Kaiju’d itself. Instead of Witchwitches, I believe a Pendulum engine should be used with Luna, like you said before.

    Here is a deck I’ve been playing in TCG since the last F/L list:

    Kaiju over a troublesome monster, then Luna will search and bounce the Kaiju back to your hand. With the level 7 Kaijus, you can Pendulum Summon all of them back to the field! It works fantastic with the old Magician engine and Odd-Eyes for Rank 7 plays. It is an incredible OTK deck in my opinion.

    Granted, it’s not built for Link format and I haven’t tried to use the new Magician support yet. But I believe there is potential here. Fairy Tail – Luna truly shines when you’re able to use it multiple times in a turn!

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