[Duel Links] Forbidden / Limited List Changes and Skill Balancing

In preparation for next month’s KC Cup, some changes are coming your way in terms of an update for the Duel Links Forbidden/Limited List and changes to Skills!

Champion’s Vigilance and Machine Angel Ritual have been limited to 1 and Red-Eyes Spirit Semi-Limited to 2 to prevent the meta from being taken over by high level decks, especially for Cyber Angels and Red-Eyes decks.

The Creator and Balance Skills have also been adjusted as well. All changes will take effect as of November 6, 2017!

One thought on “[Duel Links] Forbidden / Limited List Changes and Skill Balancing”

  1. DesertRose3000 says:

    When will they add Susa Soldier and Sphere Kuriboh? I hates them cards.

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