[Duel Links] Structure Deck: Sorcerer’s Alliance and Dragonic Force

Two new Structure Decks were announced for Duel Links and they will go on sale on 4 July 2017 at the price of ‎¥480 each.


Sorcerer’s Alliance

2 A Man with Wdjat (Rare)
2 Magical Undertaker (Rare)
1 Trance the Magic Swordsman (Super Rare)
3 Neo the Magic Swordsman (Rare)
3 The Illusory Gentleman (Normal)
2 Spell Wall (Rare)
2 Book of Mystic Arts (Rare)
1 Destructive Draw (Rare)
1 Soul Rope (Rare)
1 Ready for Intercepting (Rare)
2 Rope of Life (Rare)


Dragonic Force

1 Felgrand Dragon (Super Rare)
2 Hieratic Dragon of Nuit (Rare)
1 Exploder Dragon (Rare)
2 Wattaildragon (Rare)
3 Hunter Dragon (Rare)
3 Koumori Dragon (Normal)
1 Advance Zone (Rare)
1 Advance Force (Rare)
2 Dragon Treasure (Rare)
2 Tyrant Wing (Rare)
1 Dragon’s Rebirth (Rare)
1 Altar for Tribute (Normal)


Source: 遊戯王OCGチャンネル (Japanese video, English video)

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