[Duel-Links] World Championship 2017 Qualifier Details

Have you been playing your ranked duels in Duel Links regularly? The World Championship 2017 – Duel Links Division qualifier details are up and it’s time to decide who is the King of Games!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017 -Duel Links Division- llell be held on Aug 2017!

Duelists chosen from around the world will compete for the title of World Champion in London, England! Win your way through the Qualifiers to compete in the World Championship (WCS)!

How to Enter in the WCS/Tournament Flow

Qualifiers: Jun1 13:00 – Jun12 12:59 (Based on Singapore time GMT+8)
Final Qualifiers: Jun 9 16:00 – June 12 12:59

The Qualifiers will follow the same format as Ranked Duels. Players who make it to King of Games during the Qualifiers will earn the opportunity to join the Final Qualifiers, which begins on Jun 9 16:00.

Obtain exclusive items by joining the Qualifiers!
Players who Duel at least once in the Qualifiers will receive exclusive Card Sleeves / Game Mat!

Obtain special Rewards by making it to the Final Qualifiers!
Receive Rewards based on your ranking in the Final Qualifiers! All players who make it to the Final Qualifiers are guaranteed to receive 1 SR and 1 UR card!

Event Mission

Obtain Rewards by Dueling and reaching new Ranks!

Obtain Rewards everyday by completing Missions!
Play 3 Duels in the Qualifiers/Final Qualifiers. 50 Gems

Receive Rewards by Ranking Up!
Bronze Rank 1: 50 Gems
Silver Rank 1: 250 Gems
Gold Rank 1: 400 Gems
Platinum Rank 1: SR Card
King of Games: UR Jewel

Details on the Qualifiers

Enter the WCS from the PvP Arena! You will be automatically assigned to a group based on your geographical location when you first opened the app!

Duel against other players in your group and try to reach King of Games!

If you make it to King of Games, you will be able to play in the Final Qualifiers, which will begin on Jun 9 16:00!

Details on the Final Qualifiers

The Final Qualifiers begin on Jun 9 16:00! Accept the Terms of Entry to get started!

The Qualifiers will continue even after the Final Qualifiers begin. You will be still able to join the Final Qualifiers after Jun 9 16:00, as long as you reach King of Games! Never give up!

You must accept the Terms of Entry for the Qualifiers to join the Final Qualifiers.

Duel against other players who made it (to) King of Games in the Final Qualifiers! You will earn DP if you win and lose DP if you are defeated!

Player Ranking will be based on the amount of DP accumulated at the end of the Final Qualifiers! High ranking players of each group will be invited to the WCS Finals!

Regarding the WCS Finals

<Travel Schedule>
Arrive: Aug 9, 2017
Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2017: Aug 12 – 13, 2017
Depart: Aug 14, 2017

Regarding Groups

For the Qualifiers / Final Qualifiers, players will be divided in to 8 groups based on their region.

A certain number of players will be chosen from each group to play in the WCS.

Groups and the Number (of) Qualification Spots
North America: 2
Central America: 1
South America: 1
Europe: 3
Japan: 2
Korea / Taiwan: 1
Asia / Middle East / Africa: 1
Oceania: 1

Important Notes

  • Players may not be able to enter the WCS Finals due to reasons associated with laws and ordinances or language.
  • Players under the age of 13 will not be able to enter in the WCS Finals.
  • After the Final Qualifiers, the top-ranking players from each group will be able to access the entry page for the WCS Finals from the Results page.
  • Players who were not chosen for the Finals may still be contacted and offered positions as substitute players.
  • You must have reached stage 4, your deck must be 20 – 30 cards, and your extra deck must be under 5 cards to enter the WCS Finals.
  • If the Final Qualifiers end while you are still in a Duel, the results of that Duel will still count as long as the Duel ends within 1 hour of the Final Qualifiers ending.
  • Your Duel Replays and the Deck(s) you used in the Final Qualifiers may be displayed in the KC Report.
  • You will be disqualified from entering the finals if you are entered in a Group that does not correspond to you region of residence. In addition, you will be disqualified if it is decided by the admin that you played the game in an unintended way.
  • For other notes, please see the Terms of Entry.

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