Welcome to Asia Championship 2017

Welcome to the Asia Championship 2017.

The Asia Championship 2017 is held at Kaohsiung, Taiwan this year, and we have a total of 28 duelists from all over the region competing for the title of the Asia Champion.

For the World Championship 2017, Asia has been granted 2 seats. As such, the Champion and Finalist of this Asia Championship 2017 will be representing Asia in the World Championship.



Featuring Decode Talker and Encode Talker, this playmat is given to all 28 invited players of the Asia Championship 2017.

Featuring Varrel Load Dragon and Firewall Dragon, this playmat is only awarded to the Top 4 players of the Asia Championship 2017.


Stay tuned with us as we will be covering the Asia Championship 2017 here at Yu-Gi-Oh! Events.

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