Duel Links – Tokyo Game Show News

Latest Duel Links news from Japan, shared Live on stage by Junko Takeuchi (Mokuba Kaiba’s VA) and Kana Hanazawa (Sera’s VA)! The Dark Side of Dimension World (DSOD) has just been confirmed to be opened on the 26 September 2019! There will also be Special

Danger! Card Rulings

If you are planning to try out your shiny new Danger! cards after it’s OCG release in the Extra Pack 2019, then it would be useful to check out these just released OCG rulings from the OCG database for the Danger! cards!

Nibiru, the Primal Being Card Rulings

Getting ready to take part in a tournament this weekend with your brand new Nibiru, the Primal Being? Well then you might want to take note of these official OCG rulings from the OCG database!