114th Trading Card Club CS [17/9]

Wondering what to play for the new OCG Limit Regulation list? Well an un-official tournament has already been held in Japan with deck lists and breakdowns of decks played in the event! True Draco is making a comeback!!

Date: 17 September 2019
Limit Regulation List: October 2019 OCG
Venue: Japan
Number of Participants: 42
Format: 4 rounds Swiss to Top 8

1st Place: True Draco
2nd Place: Thunder Dragon
3rd/4th Place: Thunder Dragon
3rd/4th Place: True Draco

Deck Breakdown:
7 Thunder Dragon
6 Altergeist
4 Salamangreat
3 Trickstar
3 Meta Beat
3 True Draco
2 Orcust
2 Magician
1 Subterror
1 Infernoid
1 Dragon Link
1 Sky Striker
1 Zoodiac Mekk-Knight
1 Evilswarm
1 Frog
1 Burning Abyss
1 Lunalight
1 Magical Musket
1 Da Eiza

1st Place: Jitei [True Draco]

2nd Place: Aroma [Thunder Dragon]

Top 4: Kinakomochi [Thunder Dragon]

Top 4: Waitomea [True Draco]

Source from Izazin

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