[17PR] Promotion Pack 2017 Reveals

The remainder promotion pack 2017 cards have finally been revealed with new generic pendulum, link and fusion monsters to play with!


ファイヤーオパールヘッド Fire Opalhead
FIRE Dinosaur Pendulum Normal Monster
LV6 2500/1000
Pendulum Scale: 0
Pendulum Effect:
Flavor Text:
A blazingly hardheaded dinosaur leader. It greets its enemies with its signature move Fire Opal Headbutt after toying with them with its dynamic movements and flames.


沼地のドロゴン Numachi no Dorogon (Mudragon of the Swamp)
WATER Wyrm Fusion Effect Monster
LV4 1900/1600
Materials: 2 monster with the same Attribute but different Types
(1) Your opponent cannot target this card and monsters on the field with the same Attribute as this card with card effects.
(2) Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can declare 1 Attribute; this card becomes the declared Attribute until the end of this turn.

17PR-JP011 リンクルベル Linklebell
EARTH Fairy Link Effect Monster
LINK-2 ATK1500
Materials: 2 Monsters
Links: Bottom Left, Bottom Right
Cannot be Linked Summoned, unless you have 3 or more cards in your Extra Deck than your opponent does.

Translated by The Organization
Source from OCG Database

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