[17TP] Tournament Pack 2017 Vol. 2

The OCG Tournament Pack 2017 Vol. 2 card list is here, with new cards intended to support upcoming releases and Link Summoning!

Tournament Pack 2017 Vol.2 (Distribution Period: April ~ June 2017)
1 Pack: 2 Cards
Number of Cards: 16
Super Rare … 1 / Normal … 15


Tin Goldfish (Super Rare)
Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder (Normal)
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner (Normal)
Tractrix Dionaea (Normal)
Gladiator Beast Augustus (Normal)
Dynotherium (Normal)
The Agent of Creation – Venus (Normal)
Mystical Shine Ball (Normal)
Ground Collapse (Normal)
Stray Lambs (Normal)
Order to Charge (Normal)
Solar Recharge (Normal)
Reinforcements (Normal)
Mirror Wall (Normal)
Kaien the Emissary of Darkness Token (Normal)
Stray Lamb Token (Normal)

Source from OCG Official Website

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