2018 Taiwan 3-on-3 Team Tournament

Need a deck for the this format? How about checking out the a past World Champion and his team mates! Here are the deck lists from the recent Taiwan 3-on-3 Team Tournament event.

Date: February 16, 2019
Limit Regulation List: January 2019 OCG
Venue: Taiwan
Number of Participants: 134 teams (402 players)

Format: 8 rounds Swiss to top 4
Special Rule: All 3 members of the team share the same OCG Limit Regulation
(E.g. Only 3 copies of Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and 1 copy of Harpie’s Feather Duster can be played among the 3 team members)

Champion Team: 乾爹我要戰鬥 (Members from Team Royalty)

Team Member A: Chad [Salamangreat]

Monsters (24):
2x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
2x Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay
1x Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju
1x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
3x Lady Debug
2x Maxx “C”
1x Salamangreat Falco
1x Salamangreat Foxer
2x Salamangreat Foxy
3x Salamangreat Gazelle
1x Salamangreat Jack Jaguar
2x Salamangreat Spinny
1x Speedroid Taketomborg
2x Speedroid Terrortop

Spells (8):
3x Cosmic Cyclone
3x Salamangreat Circle
1x Salamangreat Sanctuary
1x Will of the Salamangreat

Traps (8):
3x Infinite Impermanence
1x Salamangreat Rage
2x Salamangreat Roar
2x Solemn Judgment

Extra (15):
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Knightmare Phoenix
1x Mekk-Knight Crusadia Astram
1x Number 75: Bamboozling Gossip Shadow
3x Salamangreat Balelynx
2x Salamangreat Heatleo
2x Salamangreat Miragestallio
3x Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf
1x Salamangreat Violet Chimera

Side (15):
3x D.D. Crow
2x Dinowrestler Pankratops
1x Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju
1x Fusion of Fire
3x Anti-Spell Fragrance
1x Imperial Order
1x Salamangreat Rage
2x Solemn Strike
1x Vanity’s Emptiness

Team Member B: Hao Chueh [Trickstar Orcust]

Monsters (18):
2x Effect Veiler
1x Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay
2x Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
1x Maxx “C”
1x Orcust Cymbal Skeleton
3x Orcust Harp Horror
2x Orcust Knightmare
1x The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak
1x The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots
2x Trickstar Candina
1x Trickstar Corobane
1x World Legacy – “World Wand”

Spells (20):
3x Called by the Grave
1x Foolish Burial
1x Harpie’s Feather Duster
2x Orcustrated Babel
1x Orcustrated Return
2x Sky Striker Mecha – Eagle Booster
1x Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones
2x Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!
1x Terraforming
3x Trickstar Light Stage
3x Twin Twisters

Traps (5):
1x Orcustrated Climax
2x Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade
2x Solemn Warning

Extra (15):
1x Borrelsword Dragon
2x Dingirsu, Orcust of Sheol
3x Galatea, the Orcust Automaton
1x Knightmare Cerberus
2x Knightmare Mermaid
2x Knightmare Phoenix
1x Salamangreat Violet Chimera
1x Sky Striker Ace – Kagari
1x Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
1x The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche

Side (15):
3x Artifact Lancea
1x Dinowrestler Pankratops
2x Forbidden Chalice
2x Mind Control
1x Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners!
1x Sky Striker Maneuver – Jamming Waves!
2x Super Polymerization
3x Typhoon

Team Member C: Huang Shin En [Magician]

Monsters (34):
1x Astrograph Sorcerer
3x Black Fang Magician
1x Chronograph Sorcerer
1x Double Iris Magician
1x Harmonizing Magician
1x Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer
3x Oafdragon Magician
1x Odd-Eyes Mirage Dragon
1x Odd-Eyes Persona Dragon
3x Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon
1x PSY-Frame Driver
3x PSY-Framegear Gamma
1x Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron
3x Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer
1x Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
3x Purple Poison Magician
1x Stargazer Magician
1x Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm
1x Timegazer Magician
3x Wisdom-Eye Magician

Spells (5):
3x Duelist Alliance
1x Pendulum Call
1x Star Pendulumgraph

Traps (1):
1x Time Pendulumgraph

Extra (15):
1x Abyss Dweller
1x Borreload Savage Dragon
1x Crystron Needlefiber
1x Formula Synchron
1x Heavymetalfoes Electrumite
1x Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer
1x Metaphys Horus
1x PSY-Framelord Lambda
1x PSY-Framelord Omega
1x Shooting Riser Dragon
1x Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing
2x Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom
1x T.G. Wonder Magician
1x Timestar Magician

Side (15):
3x Denko Sekka
3x Mist Valley Apex Avian
3x Wavering Eyes
3x Evenly Matched
3x Red Reboot

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