[20CP] 20th Secret Rare Special Pack

It looks like another campaign being introducing from the Legend Collections pack seems to be a really expensive promotional pack; with awesome cards in 20th Secret Rare!

The limited edition cards can only be gotten by purchasing 3 boxes out of the 5 products listed in the list below. Each purchase of the 3 boxes comes with 1 of the 20th Secret Rare Special Pack, with only 1 card inside. Currently, only 2 out of the 10 cards have been revealed.

The Five products in this promotion are:

  • Cybernetic Horizon
  • Soul Fusion
  • Savage Strike
  • Dark Neostorm
  • 20th Anniversary Legend Collection

20th Secret Rare “Black Rose Dragon”


20th Secret Rare “Called by the Grave”

Translated by: The Organization
Source: Yu-Gi-Oh.jp

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