[20TH] 20th Anniversary Duelist Box Full Card List revealed

Just a couple more days before the release of this special set, and we already have the full list of cards revealed!

Muto Yugi

Magician of Chaos (Ultra Rare)
Dark Cavalry (Ultra Rare)
Draw of Destiny (Ultra Rare)
Diffusion Wave-Motion (Normal Parallel Rare)
Dark Magic Circle (Normal Parallel Rare)
Eternal Soul (Normal Parallel Rare)

Yuki Judai

Elemental Hero Nebula Neos (Ultra Rare)
Elemental Hero Grandman (Ultra Rare)
Double Hero Attack (Ultra Rare)
Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman (Normal Parallel Rare)
Wrath of Neos (Normal Parallel Rare)
Miracle Fusion (Normal Parallel Rare)

Fudo Yusei

Signer Warrior (Ultra Rare)
Junk Speeder (Ultra Rare)
Stardust Wish (Ultra Rare)
Junk Synchron (Normal Parallel Rare)
Doppelwarrior (Normal Parallel Rare)
Effect Veiler (Normal Parallel Rare)

Tsukumo Yuma 

Number 39: Utopia Double (Ultra Rare)
Utonomatopia (Ultra Rare)
Shining Draw (Ultra Rare)
Gagaga Magician (Normal Parallel Rare)
Double or Nothing (Normal Parallel Rare)
Hi-Five the Sky (Normal Parallel Rare)

Sakaki Yuya

Odd-Eyes Advance Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Performapal Smile Sorcerer (Ultra Rare)
Pendulum of Souls (Ultra Rare)
Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)
Smile World (Normal Parallel Rare)
Duelist Advent (Normal Parallel Rare)


Cyberse Enchanter (Ultra Rare)
Backup Supervisor (Ultra Rare)
Decode Destruction (Ultra Rare)
Cyberse Wizard (Normal Parallel Rare)
Link Disciple (Normal Parallel Rare)
Security Dragon (Normal Parallel Rare)

Source: Maxut

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