20th Anniversary Duelist Box – Further details

More details just came in for the 20th Anniversary Duelist Box, confirming alternate artwork cards and providing more details on the special packs!

More details just arrived via an order form for the December luxury box set, 20th Anniversary Duelist Box!
(For the previously released details, refer to this post)

The additional info are as follow:
The previously mentioned 20th Secret Rare Special Promotional cards will be alternate artworks of the 6 protagonist ace monsters!

Also, the 6 Special Packs will have new cards and reprints for the 6 protagonists’ decks, aimed at strengthening their decks.

Lastly, “Special Token” and “Duelist Item” limited to this product will be included.

Source from Maxut

One thought on “20th Anniversary Duelist Box – Further details”

  1. pimsan0 says:

    I just hope they will add more cards for Luca’s deck.

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