[20TP] World Legacy Token and more!

Kinda late but you know you want this!

These cards are reprinted in the upcoming Tournament Pack 2020 Volume 4!

20TP-JP401 WW-アイス・ベル (Windwitch – Ice Bell)
20TP-JP402 トゥーン・キングダム (Toon Kingdom)
20TP-JP415 電網の落とし穴 (Network Trap Hole)
20TP-JP416 星遺物トークン (World Legacy Token)

  • Windwitch – Ice Bell and Toon Kingdom will be in Super Rare rarity
    ** Currently, the World Legacy Token can only be summoned by “World-Legacy – “World Lance”” & “Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight”.

Source from OCG Official Twitter

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