Altergeist Deck Recipe

With more Altergeist cards released from Extreme Force, Konami decided it’s time to revisit the deck and this time they are enlisting the help of… Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician?? This is one concept to look at if you are considering the Altergeist deck!

Deck Concept:
This Altergeist deck makes use of Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician and Localized Trunade which is available from Extreme Force.

By making use of Localized Trunade to return all set spell and trap cards on the field, Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician’s powerful pendulum effect which stops monsters on the field from activating their effects while there are no set spell and trap cards can be applied.

Since Altergeist Meluseek is level 1, you can use Where Are Thou? while it is on the field to search the similarly level 1 Performapal Five-Ranbow Magician from your deck to your hand.

As the Altergiest deck has many trap cards, Altergeist Marionetter’s effect can be used to set the Altergeist trap cards so further take advantage of Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician’s pendulum effect.

Card Name Card Set Amount
Monster Cards 18
Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician CP17 3
Altergeist Kunquery CIBR 3
Altergeist Marionetter CIBR 3
Altergeist Silquitous CIBR 3
Altergeist Meluseek CIBR 3
Battle Fader ST17 3
Spell Cards 11
Localized Trunade EXFO 3
Harpie’s Feather Duster 20AP (1) 1
Pot of Duality ST17 3
One for One SD30 1
Card Destruction SDMY 1
Galaxy Cyclone SR03 1
Where Arf Thou? SD32 1
Trap Cards 11
Altergeist Materialization EXFO 2
Altergeist Protocol CIBR 2
Altergeist Camouflage CIBR 1
Heavy Storm Duster COTD 3
Storming Mirror Force  SD32 3
Extra Deck 13
Altergeist Primebanshee CIBR 3
Altergeist Hextia EXFO 3
Linkuriboh SJMP 3
Sylvan Princessprite DOCS 2
Lyrilusc – Assembled Nightingale MACR 2


Source from OCG Official Twitter

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