Asia Championship 2018: Feature Match Swiss Round 3

The third round 3 of Swiss we have Lai Cheuk Shing from Hong Kong on the left playing against against Weerapun Suebyoubol from Thailand on the right.

Cheuk Shing is running an unique Trickstar Skyblaster deck while Weerapun is running Sky Striker.


Duel 1

Weerapun went first and only set 2 cards to his backrow as his only play.

Cheuk Shing played Harpie’s Feather Duster, forcing Weerapun to activate both set Shared Ride and Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones.

Cheuk Shing responded with Maxx “C” to draw a card off Hornet Drones.

Cheuk Shing Special Summoned Trickstar Calobane and followed with Phantom Skyblaster but it was negated by Effect Veiler.

Skyblaster attacked “Sky Striker Ace Token” and Calobane went in for a direct attack.

Weerapun played Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! but it was negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Weerapon followed with Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon to Special Summon Cheuk Shing’s Ash Blossom from the graveyard and then Normal Summon Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries to Link Summon Crystron Needlefiber.

Needlefiber brought out another Ghost Reaper and they were used to Link Summon Topologic Trisbaena.

Trisbaena attacked and destroyed Calobane before finishing the turn.

Cheuk Shing Special Summoned Grinder Golem and went off with the Grinder combo, and Weerapon conceded instantly.

Lai Cheuk Shing (Hong Kong) 1 – 0 Weerapun Suebyoubol (Thailand)


Duel 2

Weerapun chose to have Cheuk Shing go first and Cheuk Shing opened with Trickstar Light Stage for Trickstar Calobane.

When Calobane’s effect was activated to Special Summon itself, Weerapun responded with Maxx “C” but Cheuk Shing had an Ash Blossom to negate it.

Calobane was joined by Effect Veiler to Link Summon Crystron Needlefiber, whose effect brought out Glow-Up Bulb. Bulb was used to Link Summon Linkuriboh, before reviving itself. Linkuriboh and Glow-Up Bulb became Knightmare Cerberus. Needlefiber and Cerberus were then used to Link Summon Knightmare Unicorn.

Cheuk Shing played Soul Charge to Special Summon 5 monsters from his graveyard!

He went off on his Link Summon spree and eventually ended with a board of Knightmare Link monsters.

Weerapon played Sky Striker Airspace – Area Zero, set a Spell/Trap card and activated the effect of Area Zero, prompting a response from Cheuk Shing with Shared Ride. Area Zero was the only Sky Striker among the revealed cards and Weerapon chose not to add it to hand.

He followed with a Mystical Space Typhoon on his own Area Zero to Special Summon Sky Striker Ace – Raye from his deck. Raye attacked into Knightmare Goblin, before activating its Quick Effect to bring out Sky Striker Ace – Hayate. Hayate went in for a direct attack and sent Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! to the graveyard.

In the Main Phase 2, Hayate was used to Link Summon Sky Striker Ace – Kagari, adding Engage from the graveyard to hand. Engage added Sky Striker Maneuver – Jamming Waves!. Weerapon set a Spell/Trap card and used Jamming Waves to destroy it, and followed with destroying Goblin, but the effect of Knightmare Cerberus prevents Goblin from being destroyed. A terrible misplay by Weerapon!!

Weerapon only set 2 more cards to the backrow before passing the turn.

During the Draw Phase, the effect of Knightmare Unicorn allowed Cheuk Shing to draw 4 cards off his deck!!

Light Stage on one of the Weerapon’s set Shared Ride forced him to Chain with it. Cheuk Shing played another Light Stage to lock the other set card.

Trickstar Candina was Normal Summoned, Mind Control took over Kagari. The Knightmare monsters and Candina then direct attacked for game.

Lai Cheuk Shing (Hong Kong) 2 – 0 Weerapun Suebyoubol (Thailand)


Cheuk Shing with his unique homebrew Trickstar Skyblaster deck managed to win his 3rd Swiss Round in a row, putting him at 3-0 and ensuring a spot in the Top 8.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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