Asia Championship 2019: Semi-Final

Arguably the Semi-Final is the most critical juncture in the Asia Champion, as winning this match would earn the winner one of the two invitations to the World Championship.

On the left is Law Ming Fung from Hong Kong running the only Altergeist in this tournament.

On the right is Angelino Espiritu from Philippines running Orcust.


Duel 1

Angelino won the dice roll and chose to go first. He opened with Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! for Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones, and played it immediately.

Ming Fung threw down a Maxx “C”, but Angelino had Called by the Grave to negate it.

The Token was used to Link Summon Sky Striker Ace – Kagari, and then Kagari retrieved Engage, which was played again to get Sky Striker Mecha – Eagle Booster.

Trickstar Candina was Normal Summoned and it fetched Trickstar Light Stage, which was activated to add Trickstar Corobane to hand.

Both monsters were then used to Link Summon Knightmare Cerberus, and then into Knightmare Mermaid.

Mermaid’s effect was activated, discard Orcust Knightmare to Special Summon another Orcust Knightmare from deck.

The standard Orcust combo follows and Angelino ends with The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche and Galatea, the Orcust Automaton on the field.

The backrow were Orcust Crescendo, 2 Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade and another Spell/Trap card.

Ming Fung Normal Summoned Altergeist Meluseek and tried to direct attack with it, but it was stopped by a Fog Blade.

Meluseek was then used to Link Summon Linkuriboh in Main Phase 2, but when Meluseek tried to trigger its effect, Angelino negated it with Cresendo.

Ming Fung set 4 Spell/Trap cards before passing his turn.

Angelino starts by banishing Orcust Cymbal Skeleton to revive Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star. Dingirsu was Special Summoned to one of Rusty Bardiche’s Link Arrow, allowing Rusty Bardiche to target one of Ming Fung’s set Spell/Trap, and then Dingirsu’s effect chose to send another card to graveyard.

Ming Fung chained with Infinite Impermanence on Dingirsu, but Angelino had a Crossout Designator to negate it.

While the Chain resolves, as Angelino was banishing Infinite Impermanence for Designator, Ming Fung scooped up his cards realising that he had no way to survive this turn.

Law Ming Fung (Hong Kong) [Altergeist] 0 – 1 Angelino Espiritu (Philippines) [Orcust]


Duel 2

Ming Fung went first this time round and opened with Altergeist Marionetter, setting Altergeist Manifestation from deck to the field. He added 2 more Spell/Trap to the backrow before ending the turn.

Angelino opened with The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak and used it to Link Summon Salamangreat Almiraj. Ancient Cloak was banished to add The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine to hand and then set.

Ming Fung per-emptively activated Altergeist Protocol at this point.

Shade Brigandine was activated to Special Summon itself, and together with Almiraj, they are used to Link Summon Knightmare Phoenix.

Knightmare Phoenix‘s effect was activated, discarding Orcust Knightmare to target a set Spell/Trap card, and Ming Fung chained with Protocol’s effect by tributing Marionetter. Angelino threw out a Cosmic Cyclone from hand to take out Protocol, forcing Ming Fung to chain with the targeted set card. It was a Called by the Grave and it banished the earlier discarded Orcust Knightmare.

Angelino continued with going to Knightmare Mermaid, discarding Maxx “C” to Special Summon Orcust Knightmare. Both are then used to Link Summon Galatea, whose effect shuffled Orcust Knightmare back to the deck to set Cresendo.

Galatea direct attacked, and another Spell/Trap card was set before the turn went back to Ming Fung.

Ming Fung Normal Summoned another Marionetter, and its effect set another Protocol.

Ming Fung flipped Manifestation to revive the first Marionetter, but Angelino chained and banished it with Called by the Grave.

Ming Fung could only set another Spell/Trap card before passing the turn.

On Angelino’s turn, Ming Fung per-emptively flipped over Protocol and Angelino let it passed.

Angelino activated Orcust Knightmare‘s graveyard effect, and Ming Fung chained with Protocol’s effect by tributing Marionetter.

Angelino attempted to negate it with Cresendo, but as Cresendo could only negate card activation, this interaction was deemed illegal and a rewind set Cresendo back on the field.

Protocol successfully negated Orcust Knightmare, so Angelino followed up with an direct attack using Galatea.

In Main Phase 2, Angelino set a Spell/Trap card before activating Galatea’s effect to shuffle back Orcust Knightmare and set Orcustrated Babel on the field.

Galatea was then used to Xyz Summon Dingirsu, and Angelino chose to send a card on Ming Fung’s field to the graveyard.

Ming Fung flipped over Called by the Grave to banish Almiraj, so Dingirsu sent Protocol to the graveyard.

On his turn, Ming Fung banished Manifestation from the graveyard to add Protocol back to hand.

Necrovalley was activated and a Spell/Trap card was set.

Angelino simply flipped over Orcustrated Babel on his turn, and then direct attacked with Dingirsu, before passing over.

Ming Fung drew and flipped over Protocol before Normal Summoning Silquitous. He then bounced Protocol for the effect of Silquitous and targeted Dingirsu, but Angelino had a Fog Blade to negate it.

Ming Fung set Protocol again and end his turn.

Angelino saw a chance to for the game. He Normal Summoned Maxx “C”, and Ming Fung threw down his own Maxx “C”, but Angelino had an Ash Blossom to negate it.

Both Dingirsu and Maxx “C” were used to Link Summon Galatea, which was then used to Xyz Summon another Dingirsu.

Dingirsu’s effect chose to send a card from Ming Fung’s field to the graveyard, and Ming Fung chained with Protocol by tributing Silquitous to negate it.

Dingirsu simply popped an Xyz Material to prevent its own destruction and direct attacked.

Ming Fung reach out his hand and offered a hand shake which was quickly reciprocated by Angelino.

Law Ming Fung (Hong Kong) [Altergeist] 0 – 2 Angelino Espiritu (Philippines) [Orcust]


Angelino finally let out a smile, having won his most important match of the day. He had earned his invitation to the World Championship 2019!

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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