Asia Championship 2019: Swiss Round 3

In the third feature match, we have Law Ming Fung from Hong Kong with Altergeist against Alvin Hsu from Malaysia with Salamangreat.


Duel 1

Ming Fung has a strong opening with Pot of Extravagance and followed with 4 Spell/Trap cards set to the backrow. He Normal Summoned Altergeist Silquitous before ending the turn.

Alvin played Salamangreat Foxy, and used its effect to add Salamangreat Roar to hand.

On resolution, Ming Fung flipped over Altergeist Emulatelf, and then chained with Silquitous to return it to hand, targeting Foxy. Alvin responded with Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit on Silquitous, but Ming Fung had Personal Spoofing to return it to the deck. Alvin topped off with a Salamangreat Circle from hand.

Resolving the Chain, Circle added Salamangreat Gazelle to hand, Spoofing added Altergeist Multifaker to hand, and Silquitous bounced Foxy back to hand.

Multifaker’s effect was then activated and Special Summoned from hand, and then Altergeist Meluseek was Special Summoned from deck.

Alvin had no other plays and set 3 Spell/Trap cards before ending the turn.

On Ming Fung’s turn, he switched Meluseek to attack position.

He then activate Spoofing’s effect by returning Emulatelf to the deck. Alvin responded by flipping over Salamangreat Rage and sending Foxy to the graveyard to destroy Spoofing. Gazelle was then Special Summoned from hand and its effect sent Salamangreat Falco to the graveyard. Falco’s effect set Circle on the field.

Ming Fung Link Summoned Altergeist Hexstia using both Multifaker and Meluseek. Meluseek’s graveyard effect was triggered and Alvin responded with a Called by the Grave, targeting Meluseek to banish. Ming Fung hesitated for a moment before flipping over Solemn Judgment to negate the Called.

Altergeist Marionetter was added to hand, and then Normal Summoned immediately below Hexstia. Its first effect set Altergeist Manifestation from deck to field, before the second effect was activated to send itself to the graveyard and Special Summoned Meluseek below Hexstia.

During the Battle Phase, Meluseek direct attacked and took out the earlier set Circle, while Hexstia attacked and took out Gazelle.

On Alvin’s turn, Ming Fung pre-emptively flip over Altergeist Protocol to ensure that his Altergeist’s cards could not be negated in a Chain.

Alvin activated Circle from his hand and Ming Fung negated it with Hexstia by tributing Meluseek immediately.

While Ming Fung searched his deck for Marionetter to add to his hand from Meluseek’s effect, Alvin looked through his graveyard and found no answers and promptly concedes the game.

Law Ming Fung (Hong Kong) [Altergeist] 1 – 0 Alvin Hsu (Malaysia) [Salamangreat]
Asia Championship 2019: Swiss Round 3

Duel 2

Alvin went first and Normal Summoned Salamangreat Jack Jaguar before using it to Link Summon Salamangreat Balelynx. Balelynx’s effect was activated upon summoning, and Gazelle was chained to it from hand. Ming Fung had a Maxx “C” and that put a stop the any potential setup that Alvin wanted to go for.

After Balelynx added Salamangreat Sanctuary to hand, he tried to trigger Gazelle’s effect but it was negated by Infinite Impermanence.

Ming Fung had a Multifaker to follow Impermanence and brought out Meluseek with Faker.

Alvin could not commit any further against Maxx “C”, and chose to play the long game by setting 2 Spell/Trap to the backrow before ending the turn.

On Ming Fung’s turn, he summoned Silquitous and moved to the Battle Phase.

Multifaker attacked and took out Gazelle, then Silquitous attacked Balelynx.

Alvin flipped over Salamangreat Rage at this moment, tributing Balelynx and targeting Silquitous.

Ming Fung had no response and Silquitous was destroyed. Alvin had another Gazelle in hand and triggered its effect to Special Summon it onto the field. Its effect sent Salamangreat Falco to the graveyard which then tried to set Rage back from the graveyard to the field. Ming Fung considered keeping his D.D. Crow for Jack Jaguar, but figured he could not play through another Rage, and threw out Crow to banish Rage.

Meluseek went for a direct attack but Alvin flipped over Paleozoic Dinomischus to banish it and discard Sanctuary.

Ming Fung set a Spell/Trap and that was all for his turn.

Alvin is down on cards, but he has a good opportunity to gain control of the game now. He drew and played Circle, adding Foxy to hand. Foxy was summoned its effect tried to excavate for a Salamangreat card to recoup some card advantage but it missed completely.

Gazelle attacked into Multifaker and Ming Fung flipped Spoofing and returned Faker to deck. He considered adding Faker, but decided that Meluseek was a better choice and took both direct attacks that follows.

In Main Phase 2, Falco returned Gazelle to hand to Special Summon itself and Ming Fung had another Maxx “C” for it.

This stops Alvin in his tracks as he ends without any other moves.

Now it was Ming Fung’s chance to seize control of the game.

He dropped Dinowrestler Pankratops and then Altergeist Marionetter. Marionetter’s effect set Altergeist Protocol from deck to field.

Pankratops attacked Falco, whose effect then set Circle from graveyard to the field, and then Marionetter attacked Foxy. Pankratops’ effect took out Circle to keep Alvin low on options.

Spoofing returned Meluseek for Multifaker, and then Marionetter tributed itself for Silquitous before passing the turn.

With only Gazelle in hand, Alvin needed a strong draw to change the tide and he drew Pot of Desires!

Desires gave him 2 more cards and a glimmer of hope. Gazelle was Normal Summoned and when its effect was activated, Ming Fung scanned through Alvin’s graveyard before deciding it was good enough to be negated. He flipped over Protocol and tributed Silquitous.

Gazelle’s effect was negated, but Balelynx was banished to prevent it from being destroyed. Multifaker was then Special Summoned and brought out another Silquitous from the deck.

Alvin activated Falco’s graveyard effect targeting Gazelle and Ming Fung responded with Silquitous, returning Faker to hand and target Gazelle.

Alvin chained with Called by the Grave from hand to banish the other Silquitous in the graveyard, but slowly realised it was a mistake during the Chain resolution. As Protocol is active on the field, that prevented Called from negating the effect of Silquitous. Gazelle was bounced back by Silquitous, and Falco resolved with no effect.

Foxy’s graveyard effect was activated by discarding Gazelle, and Ming Fung chained with Spoofing effect to return the face-up Protocol to deck to add Altergeist Kunquery to hand.

Foxy destroyed Spoofing, before being used to Link Summon Balelynx. Balelynx’s Link Arrow allowed Jack Jaguar to be Special Summoned from the graveyard by shuffling Gazelle back to the deck.

Gazelle attacked Silquitous but Kunquery popped out and negated the attack. Alvin had no other plays but to set a Spell/Trap card.

Back to Ming Fung, he used both Altergeist monsters to Link Summon Hexstia, and then Normal Summoned Faker below it.

Hexstia attacked and took out Jack Jaguar, while Faker attacked and took out Balelynx.

In Main Phase 2, Hexstia and Faker were then used to Link Summoned Altergeist Primebanshee. Hexstia added Manifestation to hand and it was set to the field.

Alvin drew and played Circle, adding Gazelle to hand. Gazelle was summoned and sent Spinny to the graveyard.

Ming Fung flipped over Manifestation to revive Silquitous. Silquitous returned Manifestation to bounce Gazelle, and Silquitous dropped right back into the graveyard.

Despite this setback, Alvin still had a play. He flipped over Imperial Order and chained with Dinomischus graveyard effect, Special Summoning it from the graveyard.

With Imperial Order face-up on the field, that also allowed Foxy’s graveyard effect to be activated. Gazelle was discarded and Foxy was Special Summoned and destroyed Imperial Order.

Spinny Special Summoned itself and was then used with Foxy to Xyz Summon Salamangreat Miragestallio. Miragestallio’s effect Special Summoned Gazelle from deck, and then Gazelle was bounced back to hand to Special Summon Falco from the graveyard.

Miragestallio and Falco are then used to Link Summon Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf, and Miragestallio’s effect bounced Primebanshee.

Gazelle tried to Special Summoned itself from hand, but with the board cleared, Ming Fung could chained with PSY-Framegear Gamma to negate the Special Summon effect.

Ming Fung thought for a while, before deciding on having Gamma Special Summoned in Defense Position and Driver Special Summoned in Attack Position.

Jack Jaguar shuffled Miragestallio back to the deck to Special Summon itself below Sunlight Wolf. Wolf’s effect was triggered and Gazelle was added to hand.

During the Battle Phase, Jack Jaguar attacked Gamma and dealt piercing damage to Ming Fung.

In Main Phase 2, Alvin attempted to Link Summon Borreload Dragon but was quickly reminded that Dinomischus is a Normal Monster.

Sunlight Wolf and Jack Jaguar are then used to Link Summon another Sunlight Wolf, whose effect can now add Circle from the graveyard to hand. Circle was then set to the field before ending the turn.

Ming Fung drew and activate Pot of Extravagance to draw 2 cards, before Normal Summoning Meluseek.

Meluseek direct attacked and took out Sunlight Wolf, before it was used to Link Summon Linkuriboh in Main Phase 2. Meluseek then added Marionetter to hand, and 2 Spell/Trap cards were set to the backrow.

However, as Ming Fung life points were still lower at the end of the Extra Turns, this game ended with Alvin winning.

Law Ming Fung (Hong Kong) [Altergeist] 1 – 1 Alvin Hsu (Malaysia) [Salamangreat]


This was a back and forth game between both players and it eventually boiled down to a war of attrition. Both players fought hard to seize control but their plan was seen through and swiftly disrupted by the opponent.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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