Asia Championship 2019 Updates

We’re a couple of days late to update this news but the Asia Championship Main Event has been confirmed! Also, some additional goodies have been confirmed for all qualifiers participants!

The Promotion Pack 2019 that will be given out in the Duelist Festival Osaka 2019 event will also be given out during our Asia Championship 2019 qualifiers! All participants will be given 1 pack just for participating, while Top 16 players will receive an additional pack, then all Top 8 players will receive a final additional pack. For the information regarding Promotion Pack 2019, you can click here!

Note: Based on the information from the Official Asia Facebook page, it appears that the packs might not arrive in time for the various qualifiers. Should they arrive late, pickup for the packs will be from the player’s closest official tournament store.

In addition, the Asia Championship 2019 Main Event has been confirmed for June 16, 2019, to be held at the Taipei Innovation City Convention Center.

A side event has been announced, which will be open to 180 participants. All participants will receive a door gift duel field featuring Tenyi Dragon Sage. The event will last for 6 rounds of Swiss, where participants will receive booster packs and card sleeves based on their performance in the side event. For more details, check out the Official Yu-Gi-Oh Asia Facebook page linked here.

Source from Official Yu-Gi-Oh Asia Facebook Page

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