Asia Championship Winter 2019: Feature Match Semi-Final

We are here now at the Semi-Finals of Asia Championship Winter 2019. The representatives have fought hard after four rounds of Swiss to make it to the Top Cut. Lunch break have just ended and it is time to resume the games.

Sherwyn Lim (SG) faces off against Espiritu Angelino (PH).

Sherwyn is piloting a Thunder Dragon deck and is notable for being the only player at the event to pilot the deck without the Dinosaur engine.

Espiritu Angelino (PH) also pilots a unique deck for the event, being the only out of the twelve to bring Burning Abyss for the event.


Angelino started things of by bringing Scarm and Cir to the field, to Xyz Summon Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss. Fiendish Rhino Warrior was milled among the three cards, which in turn milled Graff, allowing Angelino to tutor out Rubic.

Rubic and Dante were used to Link Summon Cryston Glassfibre, which brought out Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion.

  • Cir‘s effect revived Dante
  • Dante’s effect recycles Cir.


Hydralander the Orbital Shadowlite Weapon special summoned itself from hand. Angelino wanted to proceed further, activating Gallis the Star Beast, but things didn’t go his way when Gallis milled a spell. Beatrice was the summoned out, leaving Angelino an established board to start the duel.

Sherwyn attempted to tear apart the board with Thousand-Eyes Restrict. He summoned it out with Instant Fusion. Beatrice‘s effect was used in response to mill Fairy Tail – Snow, but Snow gets hit by Call by the Grave. Hydralander uses it effect to compensate for the situation, managing to destroy Thousand-Eyes Restrict.

(Sherwyn 7000 – Angelino 8000)


The Lone Wolf was then Normal Summoned, banishing Thunder Dragonmatrix and Thunder Dragonroar. Angelino proceeds to activate Glassfibre‘s effect and replaced it with T.G. Wonder Magician, which was immediately used for a Synchro Summon to bring out PSY-Framelord Omega.

Thunder Dragonmatrix and Thunder Dragonroar activates; Thunder Dragondark was summoned onto the field, but the search copy of Thunder Dragonmatrix was sniped by Omega.

Sherwyn shakes his head and shuffles through his hand cards,

This is hard, man

Angelino’s constant disruptions have earned a comment from Sherwyn.

Sherwyn considered for a while before making his next move. He called the judge to find out the full effect of Dante, Pilgrim of the Burning Abyss, fully aware of the incoming threat if Beatrice were to be destroyed.

Thunder Dragonhawk was discarded to special summon Thunder Dragonmatrix, and used to Link Summon Linkuriboh; Thunder Dragonroar and Lone Wolf were sent to the grave to Link Summon Security Dragon too.

Thunder Dragonroar‘s effect was triggered, but stopped by Angelino’s Ash Blossom. However, being Co-linked, Security Dragon‘s effect was used to bring Beatrice back to the Extra Deck harmlessly.

Ultimately though, upon realising that it won’t be possible to break through the remaining resources, Sherwyn conceded to move onto the next game

An impressive board built by Angelino delayed Sherwyn’s plans to make his plays. Attempts to dismantle the threats were promptly answered by Angelino.


Game 2

Sherwyn entered the second game and proceeded to build his field. Allure of Darkness allowed him to dig into his deck and add Thunder Dragon(s) to his hand via Thunder Dragondark. The Lone Wolf helped too, banishing Thunder Dragonroar and Thunder Dragonmatrix. Ultimately, Sherwyn summoned out Thunder Dragon Colossus and set two cards in the backrow to end his turn.

Angelino brings Calcab and Cir onto the field to Link Summon Cherubini which milled Graff to bring out Scarm. Scarm, Calcab (revived by Cir) and Cherubini were used to Link Summon Borrelord Dragon.

Borrelord attacked and stole Thunder Dragon Colossus from Sherwyn’s field. After that, it used its effect to weaken The Lone Wolf. Borrelord Dragon wasn’t able to due damage, but Sherwyn is now locked down by Colossus‘s effect.
Tour Guide was added by Scarm during the End Phase.


Sherwyn activates Instant Fusion. Thousand-Eyes reclaimed Sherwyn’s Colossus. Linkuriboh was Link Summoned using Thousand-Eyes Restrict.

(Sherwyn 7000 – Angelino 8000)

Having cleared the lockdown, Sherwyn proceeded to make his plays, starting off with Dragonhawk reviving Dragondark. Confidently utilised his Thunder Dragons’ effects one after another, he re-restablished his board and managed to clear Borrelsword Dragon with Thunder Dragon Titan.

With that, Angelino’s field was empty for Sherwyn to launch into a devastating direct attack, pushing for 8000LP worth of damage to end the second game.



Sherwyn displayed mastery of his own deck, and was able to activate his effects uninterrupted. Recognising that he had an answer to Borreload in the form of his fusion monster non-targeting removal effect, he was able to work towards it and pave his road to victory in this second game.

The players reaches out for their side decks, as the Semi-Finals heads towards the final game.


Game 3

Angelino starts off the game, assembling two Burning Abyss monsters on the field again, this time Alich and Graff. Dante was brought out, and it managed to mill Fiendish Rhino Warrior!

  • Rhino milled Scarm
  • Graff brought out Cir

PSY-Frame Lambda was summoned out using Cir and Dante.
Cir revived Dante, and Beatrice was summoned. Sherwyn nod his head at the play, expecting it.
Angelino committed another card to the board – Hydralander reappears. Tour Guide was added by Scarm at the End Phase.


Sherwyn started his turn with the effect of Thunder Dragon, fetching one copy for one twice. This allowed him to fill his grave with two Thunder Dragon monsters, setting the stage for his Thunder Dragon Fusion. Colossus was brought out and it declared an attack on Lambda.

Beatrice attempted to protect Lambda. It milled Farfa by detaching Dante (which effect retrieved Cir). Unfortunately, Call to the Grave rejected that notion and the attack went through, destroying Lambda.

(Sherwyn 8000 – Angelino 7000)

Colossus became Titan in Main Phase 2 and since Dragonroar was used for the fusion, Dragondark was special summoned. Sensing a threat, Angelino used Hydralander to destroy Dragonroar. Sherwyn passed with no response, but the destroyed Dragonroar searched Dragonmatrix.

Cir which was milled by Hydralander revived Dante.

Thunder Dragon‘s effect was activated from hand, allowing Sherwyn to use Titan ‘s effect to destroy Hydralander.

At this point, time was called. Players entered into the ‘Time Call’ procedure. The game, and duel, would end in four turns, with Sherwyn’s turn being Turn 0. The clock is ticking!

Sherwyn considered destroying Beatrice, but is worried about the appearance of Dante Philgrm. After considering the effect of Dante Philgrm, he ended his turn.

Angelino summoned Tour Guide, having it in his hand from last turn. But before he could usher out a monster, Null Nun and Blooming Dogwood is activated in response! Sherwyn’s LP shoots up to 8800LP upon Scarm‘s summon.

Angelino continued his turn, understanding the implication of the situation, but continued with Cherubini. Sherwyn’s LP continued to climb. It is now at 9300LP!


Sherwyn dropped Dragonmatrix to trigger a destruction from Titan, opting to destroy Cherubini, but Dante was used to substitute destruction, catching Sherwyn by surprise. He had seemingly forgot about the protection effect of Cherubini.

Cherubini proceeded, tutoring Cir out by milling Graff. Another LP increase for Sherwyn. It is over 10,000! (Sherwyn 10900LP)

Cherubini + Cir + Beatrice were all sent to the grave, a triple material Link Summon to bring out Borrelsword Dragon! Cir revives Dante . From the summons, Sherwyn gained another 4000LP. At 149000LP, it almost double of Angelino’s !

Battle! Angelino is determined to race forward to reduce the LP difference. Borreload Dragon and Dante attacks, with the former dealing massive damage and clearing Titan from the field.

(Sherwyn 6300- Angelino 7100)


Sherwyn’s turn came, looking at the field, the Singapore representative once again commented:

This is hard man.

He was facing Borreload and Dante. Considering both their effects, this would be a tough battle for Sherwyn to have for his final turn. With the help of Dragonroar and Dragondark, Sherwyn managed to summon both Colossus and Ttian out again, clearing Borrelsword Dragon. Borrelsword changed Titan to Defense Position, but Sherwyn remained aggresive in his goal to push for damage, Tributing Summon Thunder Dragon and summoning a second copy of Titan.

(Sherwyn 6300- Angelino 4500)
The lifepoints table-chart has turned once more.


Now comes Angelino’s final turn, at 4500LP, he facing a LP deficit of 1800LP. But would he be able to make a comeback with his now-limited resources? His field is empty, he hand size is three, including the Cir he recovered from Dante. He draws…

into Sekka’s Light! Angelino gets a clutch two-card draw. He proceeded to swap Speedroid Terrortop for a shuffle-and-draw.

Another copy of Terrortop was special summoned from the hand, and Fairy Tail – Snow was Normal Summoned. Both were used for summoning Knightmare Phoenix. Its effect was traded with Sherwyn’s remaining face-down card – Infinite Impereance from Sherwyn, but Angelino manages to discard Libic to summon Cir. The plays continues.

  • Phoenix + Snow + Cir formed Borreload Dragon
  • Cir revives Dante

Farfa was discarded to turn Dante into Beatrice. Farfa cleared a Titan and Borreload stole the other. Angelino reached for his grave, not forgetting about Fairy Tail – Snow. Reviving itself from the grave, it gave the final push of 1250ATK, ending the game, lowering Sherywn’s LP to a complete zero.



Despite the massive odds, Angelino turned the tables. Sekka’s Light proved itself useful and provided Angelino with sufficient pluses at the right time. Angelino also pulled through with no misplays, understanding the capcity and capabilities of his Burning Abyss deck.


Our Phillipines rep is looking to stay in the tournament, as we approach the Finals of Asia Championship Winter 2019! He remains seated and waits for his opponent who will meet him at the Feature Match table…


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This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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