Asia Championships 2017 – Malaysia Summer Qualifiers (27/5 – 28/5)

Date: 27 to 28 May 2017
Limit Regulation List: April 2017 OCG
Venue: Malaysia
Number of Participants: 112
Source: Malaysia Yugioh Community, Road of the King

1st Place: True Draco Zoodiac
2nd Place: Zoodiac
3rd/4th Place: Demise True Draco
3rd/4th Place: True Draco Zoodiac

1st Place: Yeo Gou Jie[True Draco Zoodiac]

2nd Place: Meh Kah Lok [Zoodiac]

3rd/4th Place: Hong Wai Hou [Demise True Draco]

3rd/4th Place: Ng Chun Liang [True Draco Zoodiac]

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