[Asia English] 2024 first wave of Asia English boxes

I am so excited to be able to read the card text!

These do not affect Japanese OCG product schedules, nor the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Creation Pack 02

Release Date: February 3rd, 2024

5 Cards per Pack; 30 Packs per Box

200 Cards
10 Ultimate Rares
20 Ultra Rares
40 Super Rares
50 Rares
80 Commons

10 Ultra Rares are Secret Rares; 8 Ultra Rares are Quarter Century Secret Rares.

●An original product for ENGLISH EDITION which includes many powerful cards that are related to the upcoming set “AGE OF OVERLORD”!
●Includes a large volume of 200 cards! You can build a deck with just this product!!
●Includes rarities that can only be obtained in the “+1 Bonus Pack” which is limited to the first-run limited edition boxes.
●Powerful categories such as “Magician”, “T.G.”, “Labrynth”, and “Orcust” are featured and they propose a wide variety of play styles!

Age of Overlord

Release Date: February 23rd, 2024

5 Cards per Pack; 30 Packs per Box

120 + 1 Cards
1 Quarter Century Secret Rare
14 Ultra Rares
18 Super Rares
25 Rares
63 Commons

1 Ultra Rare is a Holograpic Rare; 9 Ultra Rares are Ultimate Rares; 25 Ultra Rares and Super Rares are Secret Rares and Quarter Century Secret Rare

●The Booster Pack “AGE OF OVERLORD”, released on July 2023 in Japanese, will be released in ENGLISH EDITION for Asia.
●Includes 40 additional cards on top of the 81 cards from the original Japanese version! Complement your card pool to make deck building more easy!
●”CREATION PACK 02″ releasing in the same month contains cards that are highly compatible with this product! High synergy between both products!
●Rarities of the original 81 cards will be partly changed.


Source: Newwise

Translated by: Ygorganization

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