Asia Team Series Prize Duel Fields

Did you form up a team with your friends for the Asia Team Series while playing in tournaments this past year? Its the end of the Asia Team Series and the duel fields that will be given out have been announced!

To recap, the Asia Team Series is an Asia initiative which encourages to form up teams to participate in events together, while earning points from these events. One of the team members must be aged 20 or younger. The points will then be tabulated at the end where teams earning over 120 points receive a duel field each, and the top team from each country will receive an additional duel field for each member. The duel fields designs have finally been announced!

The points are currently being tabulated and the teams who will receive Duel Fields will be contacted through their local distributor for collection.

For teams achieving at least 120 points: Galaxy-Eyes Sol-Flare Dragon Duel Field

For the top team of each Asia country / region: Linkuriboh Duel Field

Source from OCG Asia Official Website

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