Asia Team Series

Time to gather your friends and get ready for your next big event in Asia. The Asia Team Series is now active!

The Asia Team Series is a new initiative for Asia which introduces a point system for duelists that group up as a team of 3 duelists and take part in tournaments and events held in Asia, such as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament and Asia Championship Qualifiers.

The points will be earned by members of the team based on their participation and standings in the events and are awarded to the team. Teams that reach a certain level of points, and the top team of each region at the end of the tournament year will then receive exclusive duel fields!

More information for the Asia Team Series extracted from the official website provided below.

Last Update: 2017/10/25

Gather up your friends for the next big tournament, it’s time for the Asia Team Series!!

The Asia Team Series is a new initiative that encourages everyone to form teams and participate in events together. Form a team of 3 members with your friends and take part in events to earn points for exclusive accessories!

Team Requirements

To register for the Asia Team Series, approach your local distributor for more details. Take note of the following requirements for every team.

1. 3 members per team
2. All members of the team must reside in the same region
3. Each duelist can only join 1 team
4. At least 1 member of the team must be aged 20 or younger (At time of registration)
5. Changing of team members is not allowed

Point System (Effective starting November 2017 to June 2018)

At the end of the year of tournaments, teams that reach a certain amount of points will receive exclusive rewards! The current tournament year will end on June 30, 2018.

Reach 120 points: 1 Duel Field for each team member.

Top team for each Asia region: 1 Duel Field for each team member.

Duel Field designs will be revealed towards the end of the current series.

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