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YOT Thailand 2018: Round of 64

Welcome back to Day 2 of the YOT Thailand 2018. After the dust settled we are left with a majority of Sky Striker in the Top 64, and it was inevitable that we are having a mirror match. On the left is Wu Po-I and

YOT Thailand 2018: Swiss Round 5

We are just slightly after the halfway mark and we have two players from Table 2. Ng Wai Loong (left) is from Malaysia and he is running Altergeist. Wai Loong had previously finished in 4th at the previous YOT Singapore 2017. Thanachart Techajaroonjit (right) is

YOT Thailand 2018: Swiss Round 3

It’s the 3rd round of Swiss and the players with 2-bye have are now in the tournament as well. On the left we have Suppanat Suyngam from Thailand using Altergeist. And on the right is Pang Ka Lok from Hong Kong is using Sky Striker.

YOT Thailand 2018: Swiss Round 1

Our opening match for the YOT Thailand 2018 features 2 local players from Thailand. Thahaphat Watjanacharoenrat on the left is running Trickstar, while Nanthich Kaewmunee on the right is playing Invoked ABC.