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[COTD] Dark World Brainwashing

Along with the return of Lightsworns, Dark World is also getting a new card for Code of the Duelist! Poor Ryko is getting enticed to enter the Dark World this time. What could this all mean??

New Master Rule 2017 Explained

Link Monsters, Link Summons and New Master Rule Explained – Preliminary VJump Information Updated New Master Rule changes with rulings on Pendulum Summons explained

[ST17] Reprints from Poster

The New Starter Deck’s poster just got revealed on the OCG official twitter, confirming new reprints for the deck! Time for you to learn how to use Effect Monsters, Spells and Traps with Marauding Captain, Monster Reborn and Mirror Force!!

[ST17] Cybenet Universe

The first support spell for Link Monsters is out for the new Starter Deck! Prepare to enter the Cybenet Universe of the Cyverse!! (Well, Cybernet, but it’s not a card that can be searched by Cyber Dragon Core so…)