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YOT Malaysia 2019: Feature Match Top 64

We are back here in Day 2 with our Top 64 cutoff players. The single-elimination tournament in Day 2 means that a loss will retire the player from the tournament. With us for the first Feature Match of the day is Zheng Zebin is from

Welcome to YOT Malaysia 2019

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT) Malaysia 2019. This is the first major tournament under the new OCG Limit Regulation April 2019, marking the reappearance of Raigeki in the OCG.  

Asia Championship Winter 2019: Feature Match Finals

We are here, at the Finals of our Asia Championship Winter 2019. Let’s welcome both players back to the Feature Match Spotlight. Espiritu Angelino from Philippines had just won the previous match. This is his third time at our Feature Match table today. Joing us