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Deck Profile: The Winged Dragon of Ra

Finally, Finally! Marik’s new cards for the Winged Dragon of Ra will be making their debut in the upcoming Duelist Pack: Duelist of Gloom! To celebrate that, I have created a deck profile just for The Winged Dragon of Ra!!! It is time to send

Deck Profile: Numeron Gates

The new Numeron cards have just been revealed last week! With all the hype for the new cards, I have decided to compile the information and create a new deck profile for you guys! Would you prefer to OTK or Lock your opponent?!

Deck Profile: Darklord

One of the existing themes that have gotten support from Rise of the Duelist is the Darklords! Wondering on how has it helped the theme so far? Sasuga Colin got you covered with a new Deck Profile!