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Deck Profile: Nephthys Infinite Negation

Phantom rage will be debuting soon next week in August! And in it comes new support for Nephthys! The Connector of Nephthys will enable the deck to perform better since the last support it got from Hidden Summoners! How will it all play out?

[PHRA] Tribrigade theme

It looks like the lore for the new world starting from Rise of the Duelist isn’t just all about the Dragma! Phantom Rage will debut a new theme which opposes them! And it is none other than the new Tribrigade theme!

Deck Profile: Numeron Eldlich

The new Numeron Gates has finally arrived in the OCG! To cover up their weaknesses for a lack of firepower and protection; I have decided to add on the Eldlich theme to the deck! Will it be as competitive as the rumours say it is?

Deck Profile: The Winged Dragon of Ra

Finally, Finally! Marik’s new cards for the Winged Dragon of Ra will be making their debut in the upcoming Duelist Pack: Duelist of Gloom! To celebrate that, I have created a deck profile just for The Winged Dragon of Ra!!! It is time to send