Beyond the Duel Discord Channel

Hi everyone! It’s been 5 months since Beyond the Duel first started bringing Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG news and articles to everyone. Over these few months, we have heard from many of you regarding several different topics, ranging from questions about the New Master Rule, ruling questions, or your thoughts on various cards and decks.

To hear everyone better, we have launched a Beyond the Duel Discord server where everyone is welcome to join us to talk about the latest OCG cards, ask ruling questions, discuss deck builds or just gather to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh!. We would especially like to welcome Asia based OCG players as there will be channels for Thai, Tagalog and Chinese speakers to gather. Just click on the link below to join us!

Beyond the Duel Discord

Thanks again for following Beyond the Duel and we hope to speak to you soon!

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