[BLVO] Tri-Brigade Kit concept art

Turns out Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom had a younger sister, who knew?

The concept art for Tri-Brigade Kit is out, with alot more details about the concept behind her design!

  • She is the younger sister of Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom
  • She is a mechanic
  • The bag she has is filled with tools
  • There is a fan around her neck
  • The bird she has with her is a mechanical crow
  • Her gloves allows her to use her fingers for her work
  • Her eyes are using cat’s eyes as a design base
  • She is wearing super thick safety boots
  • She is a science tech otaku and is seen getting excited over a gadget made from Golgonda
  • Including her ears, she is about the same height as Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
  • Her motto seems to be “No Work No Food”
  • Her planned artworks were between her being in the ship bathed in sunlight, versus being in a high place on the ship


Source from OCG Official Twitter

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