Campus League 2019 Hong Kong [4/8]

Date: 4 August 2019
Limit Regulation List: July 2019 OCG
Venue: Hong Kong
Number of Participants: 65
Format: Swiss to Top Cut

1st Place: Endymion Zefra (Lo Lai Chun)
2nd Place: Dragon Link (Player from Taiwan)
3rd/4th Place: Trickstar (Ip San)
3rd/4th Place: Altergeist (Lu Wai Tat)

1st Place: Lo Lai Chun [Endymion Zefra]

One thought on “Campus League 2019 Hong Kong [4/8]”

  1. Michael Aninang says:

    Decklist for Ip San’s 3rd place Trickstar?

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