Card Illustration Voting Contest

Have a card that you absolutely want to be made into card sleeves? A new voting contest is here and it lets you vote for any Yu-Gi-Oh! card you want to be made into card sleeves!

A new protector (sleeve) voting contest is here for the OCG and it allows you to vote for any card currently in the Official Card Game to be made into sleeves! The top 2 cards chosen will be selected and made into an official product which can be purchased at a later time.

Voting period lasts from now till September 22nd, 5pm (GMT+9). The results of the vote will then be announced on Twitter and on September 25th, 5pm (GMT+9).

If you are interested, here is how you can vote for the card you want!

Step 1: Go to the official card database and select the login button (You can also do this on the English language version of the card database.)

Step 2: Login to your Konami ID and Card Game ID

Step 2.5: After logging in, if you are still in the English version of the site, go to the top right of the home page and select 日本語 to change your language to Japanese.

Step 3: Click on カード検索

Step 4: Key the card name into the text box to search out your card. (Japanese card name needed)

Step 5: On the right side of the card text under マイカードリスト, the option プロテクター投票2017 should already be automatically selected.

Step 6: Click on 追加 to confirm your vote!

– You can change your vote anytime during the voting period. The final card selected will be considered as your vote.
– Certain cards cannot be selected.
– If the winning card has multiple illustrations, the original illustration of the card will be used.
– Contest details can be changed without noticed etc etc

Source from OCG Official Website

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