Card Illustration Voting Contest 2020 – 11 September update

The top 3 are duking it out!

Voting for the Card Illustration Voting Contest 2020 is on-going and here are your current top 10 contenders as of 11 September (Dragonmaid got pulled down)! If you would like to vote or find out more, check out the info we posted here! Voting ends on 14 September @ 2359 hours (Japan time)!

1st – Whirlwind of Gusto (Up from 2nd)
2nd – Supreme King Z-ARC (Up from 3rd)
3rd – Dragonmaid Send-Off (Down from 1st)
4th – Ten Thousand Dragon
5th – Dogmatika Ecclesia, the Virtuous
6th – Excited Melffys
7th – Witchcrafter Unveiling
8th – Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon
9th – Yubel
10th – Cosmic Blazar Dragon

Source from OCG Official Twitter

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